Integrated Pull Up Bar

Unique Mounting System

The Solid Flex Stabilizing System enables compact placement in any doorway and provides a high performance rebound found in much more costly and permanently installed units. The EZspeedbag's innovative design now creates a speed bag platform that can be used by all fitness levels 

Easy Setup

Easy assembly - Have your EZspeedbag ready to begin training in just 10 minutes


Compact design allows you to install it in any doorway

Green Friendly

Our Sustainable Commitment towards using Eco friendly materials 

Effective and Convenient

Get an intense, effective workout right in the privacy of your home saving you travel time to and from a gym 

Innovative and User Friendly

Video guidance and customer assistance for set up and use 


Designed by Chris Rea, Athlete for Athletes 


Compact 18" backboard with Top Grain Leather 7" x  5" speed bag 

Customer Service

24/7 365 Free Tech Support  


Three Different Training Options


Easy set up with high performance rebound in any doorway 

 Double End Bag & Attachment Bar

The Double End Bag & Attachment Bar connects to the EZspeedbag to diversify your workout allowing for precision striking of the hands, elbows, knees and kicks

High Strength Steel Pull Up Bar

For an intense circuit training workout, in between rounds, alternate striking with pull ups 

Any Doorway

What our clients say:

The fact that you can move the product to any location you want with a doorway to train and get stronger is just fantastic!

Got this for my grandson and he loves it. He set it up himself and uses it everyday. Top quality product that even a 14 year old can set up. Great product, Great company

I have been boxing for about a year have been working on my EZspeedbag daily. This is a really good product and is a great price when comparing against real legitimate speed bag platforms that all begin at $400 and up. It is easy to put together and it can be easily moved around.

This is awesome.! Love the double end bag attachment also. I'm getting great workouts right in my apartment

2 years ago, I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. I read an article that boxing helps the central nervous system. Rock Steady Boxing was established for PD people. At the class, we use speed bags and I was not very efficient at it. I found the EZ speed by ReaShape. I ordered it and have been using it almost daily. The Doctor feels it is helps with my rigidity, flexibility, and hand eye coordination. Would highly recommend for individuals with motor issues -Pam Burke

Very happy with the product. Customer service was great they helped me make sure it arrived in time for Christmas and kept in touch with me every step of the way. Highly recommend!!

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