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#1 America’s portable speedbag


The EZspeedbag redefines our way of training. From home or travel, its portability allows us to adapt our training with flexibility and efficiency in a vertiginous routine. 
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First portable speed bag

The EZspeedbag is developed to make your daily training more accessible and easy. Its mounting system with lightweight materials allows easy handling and transport to any place.

Unique mounting system

Its patented Solid Flex system allows flexible adjustment of the board to any frame, giving solidity to a product with 7 different types of training.

The ease of assembly allows combining fitness and travel. Its innovative design and size gives you the possibility of transporting it and making it a great travel fitness accessory.


Easy set up

Easy assembly, have your speedbag ready in just 10 minutes


Sustainable Commitment “Made only with 100% recycled materials

Innovative clamping system

Our innovative “Solid Flex” system ensures the correct fastening of the EZSpeedbag to your door, frame or whatever you want

Adjustable & Light

2kg, 12” board


Three different training levels


Reduce its volume 40% and take it in your backpack


Regulates the tension and pressure of the speed bag to adjust the bounce


A unique product. Designed by athletes for athletes

Eco-Friendly Materials

Manufactured to ensure its durability and comfort with the most environmentally friendly materials


Standard: EZspeedbag

Easy set up on any doorway. Perform pro-level speed bag training.

Intermediate: Double-End Bag

Quickly connect the double-end bag to the attachment bar and speedbag platform.
Diversify your workouts.

Advanced: Pull-Ups

Take your training to the highest level and strengthen your core with pull-ups, the ultimate upper-body workout.


A movement for those who seek a dynamic lifestyle during their search for success.

An energy capable of changing the way we strengthen ourselves physically and mentally. There is no specific place to reach success.

Reashape‘s products have been created as an icon so that the community that moves in their day to day, can continue with their routine of training, working and pursuing goals.

Complete your training

Double end bag + Attachment bar

Height bar

Adjust perfectly the EZspeedbag to any height level.

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100% Life time warranty

ReaShape stands behind and guarantees all of its products. We are one of the only companies in the world that offers a Lifetime Warranty on all of our products.
Simply contact us and we will replace whatever is needed for you to continue to train and enjoy your EZspeedbag.


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