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Train Anywhere

From home, office to travel, the EZspeedbag's unique portability design allows you to take your training anywhere

Unique System

Our patented stabilizing Solid Flex System allows for stable mounting of the EZspeedbag in any standard doorway, providing rock solid stability and superior rebounding capability

100% Lifetime Warranty

ReaShape is the world's only company that offers a 100% Lifetime Warranty on all of its products

Believe in Success

Fitness is the first step towards becoming your best self. We have worked days on end to develop a new way of training that is most effective and efficient

The EZspeedbag is easily set up and taken down

- King Reviewed

Intense and Effective

Freddie's Modern Kung Fu
EZspeedbag & Double End Bag Training Package EZspeedbag Carry Bag Height Adjustment Bar Attachment/Height Bar + Double End Bag Combo Double End Bag


Become your Best Self

ReaShape strives for you to succeed in becoming your best self! The EZspeedbag allows you to train in the privacy and convenience of your own home saving you precious time spent traveling to and from gyms and training facilities. Clinical studies have shown that hitting a bag for a little as 7 minutes a day develops both confidence and overall feelings of well being

Complete EZspeedbag

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