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#1 America’s portable speed bag

Complete training package

The EZspeedbag redefines our way of training. From home or travel, its portability allows us to adapt our training with flexibility and efficiency everywhere.

This pack includes all you need to begin your training journey. All of our patented products: the original EZspeedbag and its upgrades, the Double-End bag and the Attachment bar.

100% free shipping (USA and soon Europe), 100% lifetime warranty.


First portable speed bag

The EZspeedbag is developed to make your daily training more accessible and easy. Its mounting system with lightweight materials allows easy handling and transport to any place.

Your training upgrade is waiting for you.

Double-End bag & Attachment bar included.

Try the next level of fitness routine.

Complete your training

Height bar

Attach firmly our height bar to any doorway. There are not obstacles in your work out routine.

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